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  1. Alamo House: Women Without Men, Men Without Brains by Sarah Bird (1986)
  2. The Alienist by Caleb Carr (1994)
  3. Always Time to Die by Elizabeth Lowell (2005) is a murder mystery set in New Mexico featuring genealogist Carolina May.
  4. Scroll iconAngels and Demons by Dan Brown (2001). See also The Da Vinci Code (2003).
  5. Palette icon The Apothecary's House by Adrian Mathews (2005)
  6. Scroll icon The Archivist's Story by Travis Holland (2007) features another Russian archivist, Pavel Dubrov, this time in 1939 Moscow.
  7. Scroll iconArea 51 by Robert Doherty (1997)
  8. Artemisia by Alexandra Lapierre (2000)
  9. Maple Leaf - Canadian title Palette icon The Art of Deception by Sergio Kokis ; translated by W. Donald Wilson (2002; originally published in French in 1997 under the title L'art du maquillage).
  10. The Assassini by Thomas Gifford (1990)
  11. Asta's Book by Barbara Vine (1993)
  12. Scroll icon The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross (2004)
  13. Maple Leaf - Canadian title Palette icon Be Quiet by Margaret Hollingsworth (2004) is about the great Canadian artist Emily Carr (1871-1945).
  14. Maple Leaf - Canadian title Bear: A Novel by Marion Engel (1976)
  15. Palette icon Benjamin Franklin and a Case of Artful Murder: Further Adventures of the American Agent in London by Robert Lee Hall (1994)
  16. Beyond the Fall of Night by Arthur C. Clarke and Gregory Benford (1990) is an expanded version of  Clarke's Against the Fall of Night (1953) and features Rorden, the Keeper of the Records.
  17. Bird of Another Heaven by James D. Houston (2007) is based on the journals of a fictional consort to Hawai'i's last King, David Kalakaua.
  18. Palette icon The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant (2003)
  19. Scroll iconThe Blair Witch Project: A Dossier by Dave Stern (1999)
  20. Bleak House by Charles Dickens (1852); view one of the University of Michigan Library Digital General Collection editions of Bleak House (Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson, [185-?]).
  21. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleScroll iconThe Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood (2000)
  22. Palette icon The Blind Man of Seville by Robert Wilson (2003)
  23. The Blood of the Covenant: A Novel of the Vampire by Brent Monahan (1995)
  24. Palette iconThe Body Artist by Don DeLillo (2001)
  25. The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver (1997)
  26. Palette icon  Museum icon The Bone Vault by Linda Fairstein (2003)
  27. The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan (2001)
  28. The Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer (2006)
  29. The Book of Names by by Jill Gregory and Karen Tintori (2007). Date added: 2008-02-01
  30. The Book of the Common Dread by Brent Monahan (1993)
  31. The Bormann Testament by Jack Higgins (2006) see also The Testament of Caspar Schultz by Martin Fallon. Date added: 2008-02-01
  32. Borrower of the Night by Elizabeth Peters (1973)
  33. Breath of Magic by Teresa Medeiros (1996)
  34. Museum iconThe British Museum Is Falling Down by David Lodge (1967)
  35. Bundori: A Novel of Japan by Laura Joh Rowland (1996)
  36. The Bunyip Archives by James E. Schutte (1992)
  37. A Calculated Risk by Katherine Neville (1992)
  38. Canopus in Argos: Archives (series title) by Doris Lessing (1979-1983)
  39. Scroll icon The Canterbury Papers: A Novel of Suspense by Judith Healey (2003)
  40. Scroll iconA Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr. (1960) is an apocalyptic science fiction novel set in a post-nuclear war United States and involves an order of monks who come to venerate some scraps of paper one of their members accidentally discovers.
  41. Carnevale by M.R. Lovric (2001)
  42. The Case of the Missing Brontë by Robert Barnard (1983)
  43. Centaur Aisle by Piers Anthony (1981)
  44. Palette icon Chasing Cézanne by Peter Mayle (1997)
  45. Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett; illustrated by Brett Helquist (2004); youth fiction, which compares as "The Da Vinci Code for kids."
  46. Chatterton by Peter Ackroyd (1987)
  47. The Choir by Joanna Trollope (1988)
  48. City of the Horizon by Anton Gill (1991)
  49. The Collected Stories of Greg Bear (2002)
  50. Coyote Waits by Tony Hillerman (1990)
  51. The Crown of Columbus by Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris (1981)
  52. Cruel and Unusual by Patricia Cornwell (1993)
  53. The Dancing Men by Duncan Kyle (1985)
  54. The Dark Clue by James Wilson (2001)
  55. Scroll icon Darwinia by Robert Charles Wilson (1998, hardcover; 1999, paperback), a science fiction novel, invokes a sentient galaxy that builds an Archive in order to preserve itself and its life forms, including those of an Earth whose salvage just before World War One causes irrevokable consequences.
  56. The Death of an Ardent Bibliophile by Bartholomew Gill (1995)
  57. Palette icon Death of an Old Master: A Lord Francis Powerscourt Mystery by David Dickinson (2004)
  58. Deep Storm by Lincoln Child (2007)
  59. The deMaury Papers by Isabelle Holland (1977)
  60. The Deryni Archives by Katherine Kurtz (1986)
  61. The Diary of Emily Dickinson by Jamie Fuller (1993)
  62. Scroll icon The Dickinson Papers: A Funny and Tender Love Story by Mark Ragg (2006)
  63. The Doctor and the Dead Man's Chest by Robin Hathaway (2001)
  64. The Documents in the Case by Dorothy L. Sayers and Robert Eustache (1930)
  65. The Dossier by Pierre Salinger and Leonard Gross (1984)
  66. Le Dossier 51 by Gilles Perrault (1969; English translation: Dossier 51, 1971)
  67. Scroll icon The Dracula Archives by Raymond Rudorff (1971)
  68. Scroll icon The Dragonriders of Pern series (Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey, 1968, volume 1; Dragon Harper by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey, 2007, in which some critical activity occurs in an archives)
  69. Dressed to Die: A Lindsay Chamberlain Novel by Beverly Connor (1998)
  70. The Dune Novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson (Dune: House Atreides, 1999; Hunters of Dune, 2006)
  71. The Dune Novels by Frank Herbert (Chapterhouse: Dune, 1985; Children of Dune, ;1976 Dune, 1965; Dune Messiah, 1969; God Emperor of Dune, 1981; Heretics of Dune, 1984)
  72. Scroll iconThe Einstein Papers by Craig Dirgo (1999)
  73. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleScroll icon The Empress Letters by Linda Rogers (2007) is volume 1 of a projected trilogy set in Victoria, BC, Canada, and is written in the form of letters. Date added: 2008-02-01
  74. Scroll icon Eragon by Christopher Paolini (2004) was made into a movie
  75. Estate of Mind: A Den of Antiquity Mystery by Tamar Myers (1999)
  76. Everything Is Under Control: Conspiracies, Cults, and Cover-ups by Robert Anton Wilson, with Miriam Joan Hill (1998) is a work of non-fiction documenting conspiracies, many of which bear the hallmark of overworked and underpaid imaginations.
  77. Ex Libris by Ross King (1998)
  78. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleScroll icon The Expedition by Clayton Bailey (2003)
  79. The Face on the Wall: A Homer Kelly Mystery by Jane Langton (1998)
  80. Faith by Len Deighton (1994)
  81. The Fall of the Kings by Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman (2002)
  82. Family Tree Mystery Series by Patricia Sprinkle (Death on the Family Tree, 2007; Sins of the Fathers, 2007; Daughter of Deceit, 2008)
  83. Fatherland by Robert Harris (1992)
  84. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleThe File on Arthur Moss by Douglas Fetherling (1994)
  85. Fixes by Eugene Kennedy (1989)
  86. The Flashman Novels by George MacDonald Fraser (Flashman and the Dragon, 1986; Flashman and the Mountain of Light, 1991; Flashman and the Redskins, 1982)
  87. Palette iconFlesh Tones by M.J. Rose (2002)
  88. Flights of Love: Stories by Bernhard Schlink (2001)
  89. The Floor of the Sky by Pamela Carter Joern (2006)
  90. The Fly on the Wall by Tony Hillerman (1971)
  91. Footsucker by Geoff Nicholson (1995)
  92. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleFor Art's Sake: A Novel by W.O. Mitchell (1992)
  93. The Forever War by Joe Haldeman (1975)
  94. Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco (1989)
  95. Scroll icon The Foundation Novels and stories by Isaac Asimov and Friends
  96. The Freshour Cylinders by Speer Morgan (1998)
  97. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg (1967)
  98. The General In His Labyrinth by Gabriel García Márquez; translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman (1990) contains a memorable character, Manuela Sáenz (Mrs. James Thorne), one of the many lovers of General José de San Martín, whom he "named her curator of his archives in order to keep her near him." (p. 151)
  99. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleScroll icon Gerard Keegan's Famine Diary: Journey to a New World by James J. Mangan (1991; reprint of The Voyage of the Naparima by James J. Mangan, 1982, Quebec, Carraig Books; originally published as Gleaner Tales, Volume 2: Summer of Sorrow, Abner's Device and Other Stories by Robert Sellar, Huntingdon, Quebec, 1895)
  100. Gideon by Russell Andrews (1999)
  101. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleThe Glace Bay Miners' Museum by Sheldon Currie (1979) on which the movie Margaret's Museum is based and the stage play of the same name
  102. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleThe Glace Bay Miners' Museum: A Play Based on the Novel by Sheldon Currie by Wendy Lill (1996)
  103. The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert B. Parker (1974)
  104. The Golden Bowl by Henry James (1909)
  105. Scroll icon Gospel Truths by J.G. Sandom (1992). Date added: 2008-02-01
  106. Hannibal by Thomas Harris (1999)
  107. The Hastings Conspiracy by Alfred Coppel (1980)
  108. Maple Leaf - Canadian title Scroll iconThe Hatbox Letters: A Novel by Beth Powning (2004)
  109. The Haunted Mesa by Louis L'Amour (1987)
  110. Havana Bay by Martin Cruz Smith (1999)
  111. Hemingway's Notebook by Bill Granger (1986)
  112. The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette by Carolly Erickson (2005)
  113. The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry (1994)
  114. Scroll icon The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (2005).
  115. Scroll icon The Honeywood File: An Adventure in Building by H.B. Creswell (1929; reprint, 2000)
  116. Honor Among Thieves by Jeffrey Archer (1993)
  117. Scroll icon The Hopkins Manuscript by R.C. Sherriff (1939)
  118. The House of Dr. Dee by Peter Ackroyd (1993)
  119. Huckleberry Fiend by Julie Smith (1987)
  120. I Been There Before by David Carkeet (1985)
  121. Palette icon Museum icon  The Icon by Neil Olson (2005)
  122. Imzadi by Peter David (1992)
  123. In Secret Service by Mitch Silver (2007) revolves around a manuscript by Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond spymaster novel
  124. Scroll iconIn the Hand of Dante by Nick Tosches (2002)
  125. Palette icon Scroll iconThe Intelligencer by Leslie Silbert (2004)
  126. The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead (1999)
  127. Invitation to a Funeral by Molly Brown (1995) features the 17th century English female author Aphra Behn as a detective and a dangerous, secret document she discovers.
  128. Italian Fever by Valerie Martin (1999)
  129. Jackie by Josie by Caroline Preston (1997)
  130. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleJoshua Then & Now: A Novel by Mordecai Richler (1980)
  131. The Journal of Mrs Pepys: Portrait of a Marriage by Sara George (1998)
  132. Juan in America by Eric Linklater (1931)
  133. The Judgment Day Archives by Andre Moskovit (1988)
  134. Just Cause by John Katzenbach (1992)
  135. King and Goddess by Judith Tarr (1996)
  136. The L.A. Quartet by James Ellroy (The Black Dahlia, 1987; The Big Nowhere, 1988; L.A. Confidential, 1990; White Jazz, 1992)
  137. The Lampitt Papers by A.N. Wilson (Hearing Voices, v. 4, 1996)
  138. Scroll icon Last and First Men: A Story of the Near and Far Future by Olaf Stapledon (1930); science fiction in which stone tablet records play a role. Read the Project Gutenberg of Australia transcript.
  139. The Last Cato by Matilde Asensi (2006). Official Web site for The Last Cato.
  140. The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett (1998)
  141. The Late George Apley: A Novel in the Form of a Memoir by John P. Marquand (1937)
  142. The Last Pumpkin Paper by Bob Oeste (1996)
  143. The Legacy by Stephen Frey (1998)
  144. Legends: Tales from the Eternal Archives edited by Margaret Weis (1999)
  145. Lemprière's Dictionary by Lawrence Norfolk (1991)
  146. Palette icon Leonardo's Swans: A Novel by Karen Essex (2006) depicts the time Leonardo da Vinci spent under the patronage of the Duke of Milan, Italy
  147. Museum icon The Leto Bundle by Marina Warner (2001)
  148. Scroll icon Liars & Thieves by Stephen Coonts (2004)
  149. Liberty Falling by Nevada Barr (1999) is set on Ellis Island National Monument, New York
  150. Libra by Don DeLillo (1988)
  151. Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife by Sylvia Browne with Lindsay Harrison (2000)
  152. Lives of the Monster Dogs by Kirsten Bakis (1997)
  153. Scroll icon The 'Lomokome' Papers by Herman Wouk (1968)
  154. Look At Me by Anita Brookner (1983)
  155. Loot by Aaron Elkins (1999)
  156. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien (1954)
  157. Scroll icon The Lost Earth Saga (Series) by James Axler (1999-)
  158. Scroll icon Palette iconThe Lost Glass Plates of Wilfred Eng by Thomas Orton (1999)
  159. Lost Temple by Tom Harper (2007)
  160. The Magic Circle by Katherine Neville (1998); visit the official Web site at Random House
  161. Scroll icon Magister Ludi (The Glass Bead Game) by Hermann Hesse (1969; translation of Das Glasperlenspiel (1943) by Richard and Clara Winston)
  162. Making History by Stephen Fry (1997)
  163. Malice in Miniature: A Dorothy Martin Mystery by Jeanne M. Dams (1998) features the Doll House Museum in the fictional Brocklesby Hall, Sherebury, England.
  164. The Man Who Stole the Mona Lisa by Martin Page (1984)
  165. The Manuscript by Michael Stephen Fuchs (UK, 2006; USA, 2007)
  166. Museum icon The Mask of Atreus by A. J. Hartley (2006). Date added: 2008-02-01
  167. The Master Painter by Edwin Mullins (1989)
  168. Miriam Premiere by Francine Noel (1987)
  169. Palette icon Miss Garnet's Angel by Sally Vickers (2001). Date added: 2004-10-17.
  170. Scroll icon Museum iconMrs Cook: The Real and Imagined Life of the Captain's Wife by Marele Day (2002) looks at Elizabeth (Mrs. James) Cook's world through objects and letters she received from her famous oceangoing husband. An appendix, "Where Are They Now?", describes the present locations of the objects described in the various chapters.
  171. Murder at Monticello, or, Old Sins by Rita Mae Brown (1994)
  172. Museum icon Murder in the Museum by Simon Brett (2003). Series: The Fethering Mysteries.
  173. Scroll icon Murder in the Place of Anubis by Lynda S. Robinson (1994)
  174. Murdercon by Richard Purtill (1982)
  175. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleMuseum iconThe Museum Guard by Howard Norman (1998)
  176. The Museum of Lost Wonder by Jeff Hoke (2006)
  177. Museum iconMuseums and Women by John Updike (short stories, 1972)
  178. My Dearest Enemy by Connie Brockway (1998)
  179. My Enemy, My Ally by Diane Duane (1984)
  180. The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco (1980, 1983)
  181. The Nautical Chart by Arturo Pérez-Reverte (2001)
  182. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleNeuromancer by William Gibson (1984)
  183. Museum icon Night at the Museum by Milan Trenc (1993; reprint, 2006) is the children's novel that inspired the 2006 movie of the same name.
  184. Night Mare by Piers Anthony (1982)
  185. Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell (1949)
  186. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleNorth with Franklin: The Lost Journals of James Fitzjames by John Wilson (1999)
  187. The Novels of Arthur C. Clarke(Against the Fall of Night, 1953, featuring Rorden, the Keeper of the Records, was rewritten by Clarke as The City and the Stars, 1956, which contains no such character, and expanded by Clarke and Gregory Benford as Beyond the Fall of Night; Earthlight, 1955; Museum icon Rendezvous with Rama, 1973, contains a scene in which the human explorers cut into a "Temple of Glass" that they perceive to be a museum of Raman objects that can be replicated on demand; The Songs of Distant Earth, 1986)
  188. The Novels of Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter (The Light of Other Days, 2000)
  189. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleScroll icon Palette icon The Novels of Barbara Hodgson (The Tattooed Map, 1995; The Sensualist: A Mystery, 1998; Hippolyte's Island: An Illustrated Novel, 2001; The Lives of Shadows: An Illustrated Novel, 2004)
  190. The Novels of Bill Napier (Revelation, 2000; Shattered Icon, 2003).
  191. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleThe Novels of Carol Shields (Small Ceremonies, 1976; The Stone Diaries, 1995; Swann: A Mystery, 1987)
  192. The Novels of Carola Dunn (Museum icon Rattle His Bones: A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery, 2000 [set in the Natural History Museum, London, in 1923]; Styx and Stones: A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery, 1999 [poison pen letters]).
  193. The Novels of Carole Nelson Douglas (Chapel Noir: An Irene Adler Novel, 2001).
  194. The Novels of Daniel Silva (Palette icon The Gabriel Allon novels all feature an Israeli art restorer-secret agent: The Kill Artist, 2000; The English Assassin, 2002; The Confessor, 2003; A Death in Vienna, 2004; Prince of Fire, 2005; The Messenger, 2006; The Secret Servant, 2007)
  195. The Novels of Dennis Wheatley and J.G. Links (Murder Off Miami, 1936; reprinted 1979; Who Killed Robert Prentice?, 1937; reprinted 1980; The Malinsay Massacre, 1938; reprinted 1981; Herewith the Clues, 1939; reprinted 1982). Novelty mysteries featuring reproductions of crime evidence, including newspapers, letters and telegrams, matchsticks, cigarette butts, a bullet and hair.
  196. The Novels of Derek Wilson (The Borgia Chalice, 1996; The Carmargue Brotherhood; The Dresden Text, 1995; The Hellfire Papers; The Triarchs; these mystery-thrillers all involve British art dealer Tim Lacy)
  197. The Novels of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (Museum icon Relic, 1995, set in the New York Museum of Natural History; Reliquary, 1997, also set in the New York Museum of Natural History; Thunderhead, 1999; The Ice Limit, 2000; Museum icon The Cabinet of Curiosities, 2002; Brimstone, 2004, featuring FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast, with a brief scene in the family and business archives of an Italian pensione housed in a former palazzo, p. 346; The Book of the Dead, 2006, with FBI Special Agent Pendergast and the New York Museum of Natural History and its archives)
  198. The Novels of E.L. Doctorow (Welcome to Hard Times, 1960; City of God, 2000)
  199. The Novels of Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (Nothing Sacred, 1991; Phantom Banjo, 1991; The Unicorn Creed, 1983)
  200. The Novels of Elizabeth Peters (Lord of the Silent, 2001).
  201. The Novels of Gordon R. Dickson  (Scroll icon Museum icon Childe Cycle/Dorsai that feature the Final Encyclopedia, an orbiting repository of all human knowledge, including an archives that is actually a museum: Scroll icon The Final Encyclopedia, 1984; The Chantry Guild, 1988) . See also
  202. The Novels of Harold Schechter (Nevermore, 1999; The Hum Bug, 2001)
  203. The Novels of Iain Pears: Art History Mystery Series featuring Jonathan Argyll (The Raphael Affair, 1992; The Titian Committee, 1993; The Bernini Bust, 1994; The Last Judgement, 1996; Giotto's Hand, 1997; Death and Restoration, 1998; The Immaculate Deception, 2000; The Last Judgement, 2001, c1993).
  204. The Novels of Irving Wallace (The Word, 1972; The R Document, 1976)
  205. The Novels of Isaac Asimov. (Scroll icon The End of Eternity, 1955; Scroll icon Nightall by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg, 1990,  is based on the former's 1941 short story of the same title). See also The Foundation Novels and stories by Isaac Asimov and Friends.
  206. The Novels of Jack Finney (Palette icon Scroll icon Time and Again, 1970; Palette icon Scroll icon From Time to Time, 1995)
  207. The Novels of Joanne Dobson (The Northbury Papers, November 1998; The Raven and the Nightingale: A Modern Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe, November 1999) feature an English literature professor, Karen Pelletier, who in these two novels solves crimes revolving around literary papers and previously lost historical records.
  208. The Novels of John Case (The Eighth Day, 2005; The First Horseman, 1998; The Genesis Code,1997; Ghost Dancer, 2006) . Date updated: 2008-02-01
  209. The Novels of John Le Carré (A Small Town in Germany, 1968; The Spy Who Came In From the Cold, 1964; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, 1974)
  210. The Novels of Jonathan Santlofer (these novels feature Kate McKinnon, a New York City art historian who also happens to be a former police officer and married to lawyer; the author is himself "an internationally recognized artist" according to the dustjacket of his second McKinnon novel Palette icon: The Death Artist, 2002; Color Blind, 2004)
  211. The Novels of Larry Niven
  212. The Novels of Laura Childs: Scroll icon The Scrapbooking Mysteries Series (Keepsake Crimes, May 2003; Photo Finished, January 2004; Bound for Murder, November 2004).
  213. The Novels of Lauren Willig (Scroll icon The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, 2005; Scroll icon The Masque of the Black Tulip, 2005; Scroll icon The Deception of the Emerald Ring, 2006). Her three novels published between 2005-2006 feature an American history graduate student Eloise Kelly who uncovers various historical mysteries by working with archival records. Thanks to Georgen Gilliam Charnes, Nantucket Historical Association, for pointing these out.
  214. The Novels of Lewis Perdue (Palette icon Scroll icon The Da Vinci Legacy, 1983, reprint, 2004;  Palette icon Scroll icon Daughter of God, 2000; Scroll icon The Linz Testament, 1988 [reproduction ed.])
  215. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleThe Novels of Lyn Hamilton (Archaeological Mystery series: Museum icon The Magyar Venus, 2004)
  216. The Novels of Margaret Truman (Scroll icon Murder at the FBI, 1992 [reissue]; Scroll icon Murder at the Library of Congress, 1999; Palette icon Murder at the National Gallery, 1996; Museum icon Murder in the Smithsonian, 1990 [reissue])
  217. The Novels of Michael Crichton (Airframe, 1996; Disclosure, 1994; Sphere, 1987; Timeline, 1999)
  218. The Novels of Minette Walters (Scroll icon the novels listed here use simulated police and other kinds of recreated official records, private papers and photographs: The Breaker, 1998 ; The Shape of Snakes , 2000; Fox Evil, 2002; The Devil's Feather, 2005)
  219. The Novels of Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, 1996; Message in a Bottle, 1998)
  220. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleThe Novels of Nick Bantock (Capolan: Travels of a Vagabond Country, 1997; Scroll icon The Griffin and Sabine Trilogy, 1994; Museum icon Palette icon The Venetian's Wife: A Strangely Sensual Tale of a Renaissance Explorer, a Computer, and a Metamorphosis, 1996;  Palette iconThe Forgetting Room: A Fiction, 1997; Museum icon The Museum at Purgatory, 1999; Scroll icon The Gryphon, In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Is Rediscovered, 2001; Scroll icon Alexandria, In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Unfolds, 2002; Scroll icon The Morning Star, In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Is Illuminated, 2003)
  221. The Novels of  Paul Christopher (Scroll icon Museum icon Michelangelo's Notebook, 2005; Scroll icon The Lucifer Gospel, 2006;  Palette icon Rembrandt's Ghost, 2007; these novels feature a female archaeologist named Finn Ryan). Date updated: 2008-02-02.
  222. Scroll icon The Novels of Ralph M. McInerny (The Mysteries at the University of Notre Dame Series; highly recommended for depictions of a university archives)
  223. Scroll icon The Novels of Robert Ludlum
  224. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleThe Novels of Robertson Davies (The Lyre of Orpheus, 1988; Murther and Walking Spirits, 1991; The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks, 1986; The Rebel Angels, 1981)
  225. The Novels of Sally S. Wright
  226. The Novels of Sharon Shinn (The Alleluia Files, 1999; Archangel, 1996; Jovah's Angel, 1997)
  227. The Novels of Simon Goodenough (A Study in Scarlet: A Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery, 1983; The Hound of the Baskervilles: A Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery, 1984). Published by the same British company that reissued the forensic evidence mysteries by Dennis Wheatley and J.G. Links, these recreations also feature reproductions of criminal evidence.
  228. The Novels of Steve Erickson (Days Between Stations, 1985; Arc d'X, 1993)
  229. Palette icon The Novels of Susan Vreeland (The Forest Lover, 2004, is about the great Canadian artist Emily Carr (1871-1945); Girl in Hyacinth Blue, 1999, set in the United States, is about a previously unknown Vermeer painting;  The Passion of Artemisia, 2002, is about the post-Renaissance painter Artemisia Gentileschi).
  230. Palette icon The Novels of Thomas Swan (The Da Vinci Deception, 1990; The Cezanne Chase, 1997; The Final Faberge: A Novel of Suspense, 1999)
  231. The Novels of Ursula Le Guin (Always Coming Home, 1985; The Left Hand of Darkness, 1969)
  232. The Novels of Tracy Chevalier (The Virgin Blue, 1997; Girl with a Pearl Earring, 2000; depicts the life of the woman in Vermeer's painting; The Lady and the Unicorn, 2004; is about the late 15th century Lady and the Unicorn French tapestries; Burning Bright, 2007; examines the life and work of the artist-poet William Blake). Visit Tracy Chevalier's Web site.
  233. Scroll icon The Novels of Veronica Stallwood (Oxord Exit, 1994; Oxford Shadows, 2000)
  234. Scroll icon The Novels of William J. Palmer (The Detective and Mr. Dickens: Being an Account of the MacBeth Murders and the Strange Events Surrounding Them, 1990; The Highwayman and Mr. Dickens: An Account of the Strange Events of the Medusa Murders, 1992; The Hoydens and Mr. Dickens: The Strange Affair of the Feminist Phantom, 1997; The Dons and Mr. Dickens: The Strange Case of the Oxford Christmas Plot, 2000); mysteries and thrillers all based on secret (and just as fictional) journals attributed to Charles Dickens' real-life friend Wilkie Collins.
  235. The Ocean of Years by Roger MacBride Allen (2002) is a science fiction novel, book two of The Chronicles of Solace; set in the 54th century, this time travel novel features a partially digital, partly physical Grand Library of all human knowledge in orbit around Neptune, as well as two backups called the Permanent Physical Collections (PPCs). The Grand Library also contains the Oskar DeSilvo Archive, which is studied by one of the characters, a historian.
  236. The Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth (1972)
  237. Oh Pure and Radiant Heart by Lydia Millet (2005)
  238. Operation Red Jericho by Joshua Mowll (2005); for young adults and the young at heart, this is the first of a trilogy titled The Guild of Specialists; from the publisher's description on "Featuring a unique "faux-journal" format and archival elements including elaborate diagrams and maps, vintage photos and illustrations, documents with stamps, seals, and watermarks, four full-color gatefolds, and extensive appendices and notes."
  239. Original Sin by P.D. James (1994)
  240. Other People's Mail: An Anthology of Letter Stories edited with an introduction by Gail Pool (2000)
  241. Museum icon Outside the Dog Museum by Jonathan Carroll (1992; June 2005 paperback reprint)
  242. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleScroll icon Pack Up the Moon by Richard Teleky (2001) features Karl Moran, a university archivist working in the United States, who helps solve a "cold case" murder of an old friend.
  243. Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card (1996)
  244. Palette icon The Pegasus Secret by Gregg Loomis (2005)
  245. Palette icon Scroll icon People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks (2008)
  246. Museum icon Scroll icon The People of the Ruins by Edward Shanks (1920; Project Gutenberg e-text) is an apocalyptic novel tha tmentions the British Museum and its library, along with the importance of salvaging records and books
  247. The Perfect Fake by Barbara Parker (2007) involves a modern copy (forgery) of a Renaissance map and scenes in the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze (Florence, Italy)
  248. Museum icon Scroll icon Pfitz by Andrew Crumey (1997) is a fantasy involving a Museum, a Library and Schenck the cartographer of the imaginary city Rreinnstadt created by an 18th century prince.
  249. The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux (1911)
  250. The Phoenix Lottery by Allan Stratton (2000)
  251. Picture Maker by Penina Keen Spinka (2001)
  252. Scroll icon Possession: A Romance by A.S. Byatt (1990)
  253. The Prayer of the Bone by Paul Bryers (1998)
  254. Scroll icon The Prisoner by Thomas M. Disch (1967) is based on the TV series of the same name.
  255. The Princess and the Barbarian by Betina Krahn (1993)
  256. Provenance by Frank McDonald (1979)
  257. Palette icon Quattrocento by James McKean (August 2002)
  258. Scroll icon Quest for the Future by A.E. van Vogt (1970) is a science fiction novel about the Arlay Film Library with references to archival files
  259. The Quiet Pools by Michael P. Kube-McDowell (1990)
  260. Reaching Tin River by Thea Astley (1990)
  261. The Reconstruction by Claudia Casper (1996)
  262. Palette icon Rembrandt's Whore by Sylvie Mattison, translated by Tamsin Black (2002)
  263. The Repairman Jack Novels by F. Paul Wilson (The Tomb, 1984; Legacies, 1998; Conspiracies, 2000; All the Rage, 2000); visit the official Web site
  264. Republic of Dreams: A Reverie by G. Garfield Crimmins (1998)
  265. Scroll icon Retribution: A Lew Fonesca Novel by Stuart M. Kaminsky (2001)
  266. The Revisionist by Helen Schulman (1999)
  267. Roma Eterna by Robert Silverberg (2003) is an alternate history in which the Roman Empire was never overthrown; the prologue begins in an archives.
  268. The Romulan Way by Diane Duane and Peter Morwood (1987)
  269. The Rosetta Key by William Dietrich (2008)
  270. Scroll icon The Rossetti Letter by Christi Phillips (2007) involves American graduate student Claire Donovan and a British historian Andrew Kent with diametrically opposed views regarding the Venetian courtesan Alessandra Rossetti.
  271. Museum icon Palette icon  Scroll icon The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason (2004). Date added: 2004-10-11.
  272. A Sandler Inquiry by Noel Hynd (1977)
  273. The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis (1942) pictures Hell as a bureaucracy
  274. The Sealed Letter by Emma Donoghue (2008) contains facsimile recreations of 19th century letters
  275. A Secret History of Time to Come by Robie Macauley (1979)
  276. The Secrets of Pistoulet (1996) and The Legend of the Villa Della Luna: The Sequel to the Secrets of Pistoulet (1997) by Jana Kolpen and Mary Tiegreen (photographer)
  277. Museum icon  Palette icon The Seventh Unicorn by Kelly Jones (2005)
  278. Scroll icon Ship of Fools by Richard Paul Russo (2001) is a science fiction novel about a colony starship
  279. Maple Leaf - Canadian title Scroll icon Palette icon The Sidewalk Artist by Gina Buonaguro and Janice Kirk (2006)
  280. Scroll icon Sign of the Cross by Chris Kuzneski (2006). Date added: 2008-02-02
  281. Maple Leaf - Canadian title Palette icon Significant Things by Helen McLean (2003)
  282. Singer from the Sea by Sheri S. Tepper (1999)
  283. The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1959)
  284. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleSisters of Grass by Theresa Kishkan (2000)
  285. The Sixteen Pleasures by Robert Hellenga (1994)
  286. Small Gods: A Novel of Discworld by Terry Pratchett (1992)
  287. Smilla's Sense of Snow by Peter Hoeg (1993)
  288. The Smithsonian Institution by Gore Vidal (1998)
  289. A Soldier of the Great War by Mark Helprin (1991)
  290. Scroll icon Space Mail edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg and Joseph Olander (1980) and Space Mail, volume II edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin Harry Greenberg, and Charles G. Waugh (1982) contain science fiction stories that utilize fictional documents
  291. Spy Hook by Len Deighton (1988)
  292. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleStar Trek Avenger by William Shatner (1997)
  293. Star Trek: Federation by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (1994)
  294. The Starry Rift by James Tiptree, Jr. (1986)
  295. The Stately Home Murder by Catherine Aird (1970)
  296. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleA Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James de Mille (1888); online edition via Early Canadiana Online.
  297. Sweet Starfire by Jayne Ann Krentz (1986)
  298. Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs (1914)
  299. Temple by Matthew Reilly (2001)
  300. Palette icon Ten Second Staircase by Christopher Fowler (2006)
  301. The Terrorists of Irustan by Louise Marley (1999)
  302. The Testament of Caspar Schultz (1962) by Martin Fallon (pseud. for Jack Higgins); see also The Bormann Testament by Jack Higgins. Date added: 2008-02-01
  303. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleThe Tetramachus Collection by Philippe van Rjndt (1976)
  304. Palette iconThief of Light by David Ramus (1995)
  305. Scroll icon The 13th Apostle by Richard F. Heller and Rachael F. Heller (2007). Date added: 2008-02-01
  306. Time Enough for Love: The Lives of Lazarus Long by Robert A. Heinlein (1973)
  307. Time's Last Gift by Philip José Farmer (1972) is a science fiction time-travel tale with anthropologists from 2070 AD going back to study 12,000 BC; many references to artifacts and records.
  308. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells (1895) contains a scene within a library inside the Palace of Green Porcelain, a vast museum, that the Time Traveller encounters around 800,000 years in the future. Wikisource: The Time Machine.
  309. To Wake the Dead by Richard Laymon (2004) involves an Egyptian mummy with anger issues in the fictional Charles Ward Museum.
  310. Treasure by Clive Cussler (1988)
  311. Scroll icon The True Account: Concerning a Vermont Gentleman's Race to the Pacific Against and Exploration of the Western American Continent Coincident to the Expedition of Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark by Howard Frank Mosher (2003)
  312. The True and Authentic History of Jenny Dorset ... and Various Songs, Journal Excerpts, and Letters Such As Seem Pertinentby Philip Lee Williams (1997)
  313. Tyrannosaur Canyon by Douglas Preston (2005) in which an evil museum paleontological curator gets murdered
  314. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleThe Underpainter by Jane Urquhart (1997)
  315. The Valentino series by Loren D. Estleman (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, March 1998-)
  316. Museum icon  Palette icon The Van Gogh Conspiracy: A Novel by J. Madison Davis (2005). Date added: 2006-01-22.
  317. Vault of the Ages by Poul Anderson (1952) is a science fiction novel of a bunker containing recorded information on technology that may or may not assist the recovery of a post-apocalyptic North American world
  318. Vespers by Jeff Rovin (1998)
  319. Visitation by Don Cushman (1996)
  320. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleScroll icon Voices in Time by Hugh MacLennan (1980)
  321. Scroll icon Museum icon Voyager by Diana Gabaldon (1994)
  322. Scroll icon War and War by László Krasznahorkai (2006; translation by George Szirtes of Háború és háború [1999])
  323. War Machine by William Marshall (1982)
  324. War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches edited by Kevin J. Anderson (1996)
  325. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleThe Wars by Timothy Findley (1977)
  326. The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve (1997)
  327. The Werner-Bok Series by Charles A. Goodrum (Dewey Decimated, no. 1, 1977; Carnage of the Realm, no. 2, 1979; The Best Cellar, no. 3, 1987; A Slip of the Tong, no. 4, 1992)
  328. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleScroll icon What Casanova Told Me (Canadian edition) by Susan Swan (2004); U.S. edition June 2005
  329. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleScroll icon Widows of Hamilton House by Christina Penner (2008)
  330. Scroll icon A Wild People by Hugh Leonard (2001) features T.J. Quilll, a film critic turned archivist
  331. The Williamsburg Forgeries by John Ballinger (1989)
  332. Maple Leaf - Canadian titleScroll icon With Axe and Flask: The History of Persephone Township from Pre-Cambrian Times to the Present by Dan Needles (with excerpts from the pioneering work of D.J. Goulding, M.D.) (2002)
  333. The Wolf of Winter by Paula Volsky (1993)
  334. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins (1859-1860)
  335. Zinnia by Jayne Castle (1997)

Films and TV Programs

This list does not include films and TV programs published as separate posts at

  1. A Very Long Engagement (Movie, 2004; French title: Un long dimanche de fiançailles). On the back cover of the DVD case the heroine is in a military archives.
  2. According to Jim (TV Series, 2001-); in the episode "Dino-Mite" broadcast on 2007-02-28, Jim (James Belushi) spends a night at the Museum of Natural History (the real-life Field Museum) trashing a dinosaur skeleton that's supposed to represent "Sue", a Tyrannosaurus rex, while his wife was working on a fundraiser for the same museum. The reference to the hit movie Night at the Museum is intentional.
  3. The Adventures of Shirley Holmes (TV Series, 1996-)
  4. Angel (TV Series, 1999-2004; Internet Movie Database and TNT sites)
  5. Arlington Road (Movie, 1999)
  6. Art Gallery (Animated short, 1939)
  7. L'Atlantide (Movie, 1920) is the earliest documented film in the Internet Movie Database with a named "Archivist" character.
  8. The Avengers (TV Series, 1961-1969)
  9. The Avengers (Movie, 1998)
  10. The Baron of Arizona (Movie, 1950; Internet Movie Database)
  11. Bartleby (Movie, 2001; set in a public records office and based on Herman Melville's story, "Bartleby the Scrivener"; Parker Film Company and Freebase)
  12. Battle for the Planet of the Apes (Movie, 1973; Freebase)
  13. Betty Boop's Museum (Animated short, 1932)
  14. Beverly Hills Ninja (Movie, 1997)
  15. Blade (Movie, 1998)
  16. The Blair Witch Project (Movie, 1999; Freebase) depicts a story from the viewpoint of surviving film footage left behind by a group of student filmmakers who have disappeared in Maryland
  17. The Bone Collector (Movie, 1999)
  18. Brazil (Movie, 1985)
  19. Broken Lullaby (TV Movie, 1994)
  20. Captain America (Movie, 1941; Freebase)
  21. Carlton-Browne of the F.O. (Movie, 1959)
  22. Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (Movie, 1940)
  23. Chinatown (Movie, 1974)
  24. Class Action (1991)
  25. Cloverfield (Movie, 2008; Paramount Pictures and Freebase) tells its story from the viewpoint of surviving video camera footage left behind by a group of individuals who have witnessed an attack by a giant monster on New York City.
  26. Cold Squad (TV Series, 1998-)
  27. Conspiracy Theory (Movie, 1997)
  28. Crossing Jordan (TV Series, 2001-2007; NBC Internet and Movie Database) is about Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy), a female medical examiner (coroner). One of her colleagues, Dr. Nigel Townsend (Steve Valentine), maintains a blog. There are references in many episodes to coroner and police files.
  29. CSI (TV Series, 2000-; Internet Movie Database and CBS)
  30. Deceived (Movie, 1991)
  31. Desk Set (Movie, 1957)
  32. Dinotopia (TV Movie, 2002) included at least two mentions of "archives" in the Waterfall City Library; the librarian was a dinosaur
  33. Disclosure (Movie, 1994; Internet Movie Database) is based on the Michael Crichton novel of the same name.
  34. 8mm [Eight Millimeter] (Movie, 1999)
  35. Equilibrium (Movie, 2002) is about a dystopia nearly devoid of emotions but not of records and artifacts that are dangerous to human feelings
  36. Eragon (Movie, 2006; Internet Movie Database) based on the novel
  37. Erin Brockovich (Movie, 2000)
  38. Fatherland (Movie, 1994)
  39. Fire Down Below (Movie, 1997) features Steven Seagal's greatest challenge: a microfilm reader in a public library
  40. Frasier (TV Series, 1993-)
  41. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (Movie, 1973; TV movie, 1995); also known as The Hideaways (Movie, 1973)
  42. Gargoyles (TV Animated Series, 1994-1996)
  43. GoldenEye (Movie, 1995)
  44. Hey, Arnold (Movie, 2002)
  45. I, Claudius (TV Movie, 1976)
  46. I Shot Andy Warhol (Movie, 1996; fictionalized account of a real-life incident)
  47. In the Name of the Father (Movie, 1993)
  48. Indiana Jones... (Movies, 1981, 1984, 1989, 2008)
  49. Inspector Morse (TV Series, 1987/88-1999)
  50. Jack Higgins' Thunder Point (TV Movie, 1996)
  51. Jimmy MacDonald's Canada (TV Series, 2005)
  52. Joe's Apartment (Movie, 1996)
  53. John Doe (TV Series, 2002-)
  54. Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (Doppelganger) (Movie, 1969)
  55. Just Cause (Movie, 1995)
  56. Kommissar Rex (TV Series, Austria, 1994-)
  57. The L Word (TV series, USA and Canada, 2004). Broadcast in Canada on Global CH during the 2004 Summer Olympics, one of the lead characters, Bette Porter (played by Jennifer Beals), is the director of the California Art Center in Los Angeles.
  58. L.A. Confidential (Movie, 1997)
  59. The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico (Movie, 2005)
  60. The Lone Gunmen (TV Series, USA, 2001-)
  61. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Movie, 2001)
  62. Macaroni (Movie, 1985)
  63. Mr. Bean: "The Library" (videotape based on TV series, ca. 1991)
  64. Message in a Bottle (Movie, 1999)
  65. Midnight at Madame Tussauds (also known as: Midnight at the Wax Museum; Movie, 1936)
  66. Minority Report (Movie, 2002)
  67. The Mummy (Movie, 1999)
  68. Murder in the Museum (retitled in USA as: The Five Deadly Vices; Movie, 1933)
  69. My Fellow Americans (Movie, 1996)
  70. Mystery of the Wax Museum (Movie, 1933)
  71. The Name of the Rose (Movie, 1986)
  72. Nash Bridges (TV Series, 1996-)
  73. National Treasure (Movie, 2004; Internet Movie Database). A treasure map on the back of the United States Declaration of Independence? You can bet your National Archives on it.
  74. National Treasure: Book of Secrets (Movie, 2007; Internet Movie Database). Nicholas Cage returns as treasure hunter Benjamin Franklin Gates, this time hoping to solve the mystery behind Abraham Lincoln's assassination with missing pages from his killer's, John Wilkes Booth, diary. Assisting him once again in some of his criminal activities are his father Patrick Gates (Jon Voight) and National Archives and Records Administration employee Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger).
  75. Night at the Museum (2006) was based on a 1993 children's book by Milan Trenc.
  76. Nightmare in Wax (also known as: Crimes in the Wax Museum; Movie, 1969)
  77. Nightmare Street (TV Movie, 1998)
  78. 1984 (Movie, 1956) / Nineteen Eighty-Four (Movie, 1984)
  79. Nowhere Man (TV Series, 1995-1996; Internet Movie Database)
  80. Numb3rs (TV Series, 2005-)
  81. Original Sin by P.D. James (TV Program, 1997)
  82. Out There (TV Movie, 1995)
  83. The Phantom (Movie, 1996)
  84. Pinky & The Brain (TV Animated Series, 1995-1998)
  85. Possession (Movie based on the novel by A.S. Byatt, 2002)
  86. The Pretender (TV Series, 1996-2000; Internet Movie Database)
  87. The Pretender (TV Movie, 2001; Internet Movie Database) is the first TV movie based on the TV series
  88. The Pretender: Island of the Haunted (TV Movie, 2001; Internet Movie Database) is the second TV movie based on the TV series
  89. The Prisoner (TV Series, 1967-1968; Internet Movie Database) is based on a novel by Thomas M. Disch
  90. Relic (Movie based on the novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, 1997)
  91. Relic Hunter (TV Series, 1999)
  92. Ridicule (Movie, 1996)
  93. The Ring (Movie, 2003)
  94. Roswell (TV Series, 1999-2002; Internet Movie Database)
  95. Runaway Jury (Move, 2004), based on the novel by John Grisham, includes one scene in the records room of Bloomington University with one of the bad guys rifling through a file cabinet of student records; no explanation how he obtained access.
  96. Satan's School for Girls (TV Movie, 1973; remake, 2000)
  97. Das Schreckliche Maedchen (The Nasty Girl) (Movie, 1990)
  98. Scrappy's Art Gallery (Animated short, 1934)
  99. Secret Nation (Movie, 1991)
  100. Shooting the Past (TV Movie, 1999)
  101. Smilla's Sense of Snow (Movie, 1997)
  102. Special Unit 2 (TV Series, UPN, 2001). The episode broadcast 2001-08-22 featured a Japanese samurai mummy come to life during a freak accident while being transported to a museum for an exhibition.
  103. Star Trek (TV Series, various sub-series, 1966-1969; 1987-present)
  104. Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones (Movie, 2002)
  105. Stigmata (Movie, 1999)
  106. Superman II (Movie, 1980; Internet Movie Database)
  107. Supernatural (TV Series, 2005-; Internet Movie Database and Warner Bros.)
  108. Terror in the Wax Museum (Movie, 1973)
  109. The Thomas Crown Affair (Movie, 1968; remake, 1999)
  110. The Time Shifters (TV Movie, 1999)
  111. Time Trax (TV Series, 1993-1994)
  112. Timecop (TV Series, 1997)
  113. A Touch of Frost (TV Series, 1992-1999 and specials, 1999-2002)
  114. Traveler (TV Series, 2007-; Internet Movie Database and ABC) begins with a terrorist bombing by the show's title character of the fictitious Drexler Museum of Art (the real-life Metropolitan Museum of Art), one of New York City's oldest art museums.
  115. Trust Me (Movie, 1989)
  116. Va savoir (Movie, 2001)
  117. Vampires (Movie, 1998)
  118. Van Helsing (Movie, 2004; Internet Movie Database)
  119. Waiting for Guffman (Movie, 1996), a mockumentary about the production of a play celebrating the history of Blaine, Missouri, features "interviews" with the curator of the Blaine Museum.
  120. The Wild, Wild West (TV Series, 1965-1970)
  121. The World Is Not Enough (Movie, 1999)
  122. The X-Files (TV Series, 1993-2002)

Computer Software, Games and Toys

This list does not include items already published at

  1. Alice: An Interactive Museum. Synergy Interactive Corp., 1994. This computer game, set in a house or museum, features images from Alice in Wonderland. Date updated: 2002-05-05.
  2. AmerZone. Dreamcatcher Games, 2001. You take on the role of a journalist visiting a reclusive anthropologist.  In the 1930s he removed a sacred bird egg from a tribe of Indians in the Central American country Amerzone. They guarded it and kept the secret of the mysterious White Birds. The initial clues in this immersive 3D puzzle adventure include letters and the anthropologist's expedition journal found in the remote lighthouse where the he lives. Date added: 2002-05-05.
  3. Artifact: The Hunt for Stolen Treasures. Victoria, BC: Outset Media, 2004. Summary: "In the hunt for stolen treasures, players trade cards, take challenges, and assemble teams to retrive 24 historical works of art in this interactive new game."
  4. ArtVenture: A Collector's Challenge. Ottawa, ON: Library and Archives Canada, 2004. An online game developed for students as part of an educational resource for the Peter Winkworth Collection in which they play an art collector picked by the Library and Archives Canada to visit London and "Basil's Art and Antique Shop" where they must collect pieces of art in order to finish the game. Date accessed: 2004-09-25. Date added: 2004-09-25.
  5. BookWorm. PopCap Games Inc. Online, single player Java game which Daisy Pommer, Archivist, Thirteen/WNET Pubic Television (New York), described in an e-mail as "a word game ..., and the different levels include 'Assistant Librarian', 'Librarian', 'Archivist' and 'Grand Archivist', and include rather humorous renderings of what an Archivist (sort of a Roman Emperor type) and Grand Archivist (nebbishy neurotic) might look like. Also, when a 'burning tile' reaches the bottom of the screen, your 'library' burns to the ground and you lose the game." Date added: 2003-08-13.
  6. Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon. Dreamcatcher, the Adventure Company, 2003. Adventurers George Stobbart and Nico Collard must "unravel the mystery involving the 'Voynich Manuscript' which holds the secrets of the ultimate evil power, the Sleeping Dragon, and save mankind." Read more about the actual Voynich Manuscript at these sites: The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World: The Voynich MS; Museum of Hoaxes: The Voynich Manuscript; and Voynich Manuscript.
  7. The Cameron Files: Secret at Loch Ness. Dreamcatcher Games. The 1930s Chicago gumshoe (private investigator or PI) Alan P. Cameron is hired by the physicist Allister Mac Farley to investigate paranormal events at his Loch Ness, Scotland, home Devil's Ridge Manor. The computer game package emulates a file folder. Date added: 2002-05-05.
  8. The Cameron Files 2: Pharaoh's Curse. Date added: 2004-02-28.
  9. Conflict: Denied Ops. Redwood City, CA: Eidos, 2008. During one of the chapters of this first-person shooter involving two CIA paramilitary operatives, they are required to destroy the surveillance archives in a South African gold mine. They do so by shooting out the video consoles but do not actually destroy the archival record of their activities. Date added: 2008-03-23.
  10. Crimson Skies. Seattle, WA: Microsoft, 2000. Set in 1937 an alternate America, the software includes an instruction manual is in the form of a fictitious magazine, Air Action Weekly Magazine (December 10, 1937), and the game prelude begins with a fake newsreel. A personal scrapbook within the game can be used to collect souvenirs of your life as the notorious air pirate Nathan Zachary. Date added: 2002-05-10.
  11. Evidence. Dreamcatcher Interactive, 2006. This game comes packaged in a plastic evidence bag like the kind used by police forces. Date added: 2007-01-10.
  12. Grand Theft Auto IV. Rockstar Games, 2008. One of the missions is set in a museum. Date added: 2009-02-17.
  13. Mass Effect. Redwood City, CA: Electronic Arts, 2008. Set in 2183 AD and themed around the commander of a starship charged with stopping a threat to all galactic civilizations, in the first act of Mass Effect inside a space station called the Citadel, you may enter and examine the Diplomatic Archives, or at least two of the electronic workstations and talk to a person at one of the workstations. Once you examine the workstation's the game's Codex or your Journal is updated with information about this location. Date added: 2008-06-21.
  14. The Matrix Online. Monolith Productions, Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., January 2005. According to a review of a portion to this unreleased (as of November 2004) computer game based on the movie trilogy, a new section of this online game will be released that is titled The Archive: "As was hinted at already, the Archive is much more than a PvP arena; it is a remnant from a much older version of the Matrix. It contains valuable secrets for those strong enough to seize them. In this particular situation, strength is measured by the ability to survive massive conflict, not only with rival Organizations, but with the Archivists themselves, who will fiercely guard their order's secrets." ("The Matrix Online: Player vs. Player combat revealed," Game Announcements,, November 10, 2004, Date added: 2004-11-10.
  15. The Messenger. Dreamcatcher, the Adventure Company. As Secret Service Agent Morgan Sinclair, your mission is to break into the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, and locate and destroy four dangerous objects called Satan's Keys that when united can destroy the world.
  16. Riddle of the Sphinx: An Egyptian Adventure. Dreamcatcher, the Adventure Company. Another mystery puzzle computer game set in ancient Egypt, this one was designed by Jeff and Karen Tobler. A mysterious papyrus scroll bearing a deadly curse and discovered by the "noted archaeologist Sir Gil Blythe Geoffreys" bears a secret more chilling than the cold hand of death that choked Sir Gil. Date added: 2004-02-28.
  17. Riddle of the Sphinx 2: The Omega Stone. Dreamcatcher Interactive. Sequel that involves yet another papyrus scroll uncovered by archaeologist Sir Gil Blythe Geoffreys bearing yet another secret earth-shaking secret. Date added: 2004-02-28.
  18. Tehutti, the Archivist. A character (no. 8609) from the Bionicle toy series issued by LEGO, his role as an archivist is laid out in the Bioncle Sector 01 Web site and amplified through this LEGO search for his name. Date added: 2005-03-14.
  19. The Secret Files: Tunguska. Dreamcatcher Interactive, 2006. Date added: 2007-01-10.